Who Remembers The Guy That Used To Clean The Chimney?

Push-push, in-out, in-out, there he goes again. There’s the old chimney sweep doing his thing again, pushing his special broom in-out, in-out, inside and outside of your old chimney. So then, who remembers their old chimney sweep. Silence. Not a sound. Not only does hardly a soul remember such a creature, most folks here may never have experienced such a thing. Having an old chimney sweep clean their house’s chimney in-out, in-out, leaving it clean and almost as new.

chimney sweep maryland

Those that do, and have the memory of an elephant, well now, they are probably in the minority. You don’t have to give your age away, but maybe you do have fond recollections. And maybe you wonder where they are now. Many of you have moved on in life. You’ve left the crowded cities and settled in the suburbs, enjoying the privileges and comforts of the freestanding house. Which incidentally, also has a chimney.

And perhaps this is why not too many folks out there may be making full use of their chimney. For one thing, it’s a real schlep to clean, if not that, it’s pretty tricky, certainly very mucky, and maybe even quite dangerous. Who dares to go out onto the top of their roof trying to fix and clean their chimneys good and proper like? Not a single person, but the guys down at the chimney sweep maryland company certainly will.

Ready and willing, been there and done that. You look surprised? Yup, they’re out there alright, and they’re doing a lot more than just cleaning out old chimneys. Enter the era of the modern day chimney sweep. Just what do they call themselves these days? Never mind that, it looks like it’s still going to be a chimney sweep to you.